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Corfu is the greenest of the Greek islands.

Like a closely woven carpet, over 3 millions grey and snaggy olive trees and their evergreen foliage that take a silvery shining under sunlight  cover the valleys, Hills and   mountains of the 592 square kilometers big Island.

Karte Corfu offers idyllic views. Streets and paths wind up suspended to peaceful villages or till the peak of a mountain.
On excursion, you are permanently discovering new panoramas.
Corfu's coasts offer a tremendous variety.
Kilometers long and wide sand beach overflow the north and the west coast of the island. As well, there is a row of small sand beach bordered by high steep banks or running down under 100 m high cliffs. On the east cost, you will find the fewest and narrowest beach as well as most of the big hotels.

Korfu Kloster Corfu has something to offer everyone. Secluded churches and monasteries and the Venetian old town of Kerkyras seduce particularly culture lover. Nature lover will enjoy the splendour kinds of diverse plants. Alone on the island, there 50 varieties of Orchid. Last but not least, sunbather will get their money worth.

Already at the end of the 19th. century, the Austrian empress Elisabeth, - called "Sissi"- appreciated the amenities of Corfu. She was so seduced from the beauty of the island, that she edified in 1892 a small palace on the pick of the eastern cost. She gave it the name of "Achilleion", one of the Greek heroes who she passionaly adored.

From UK, you can reach Corfu in a few hours by air. By boat there are many ferries several times a day from different Italian harbours.         

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