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In this section, we answer frequently asked questions and provide you with information.
We hope you will find it helpful.

I. General information
Why Corfu and not Mallorca?
Because you can reach Corfu as fast as Mallorca
Because the climate in Corfu is as beautiful as Mallorca
Because Corfu is not overrun with tourists as Mallorca is
Because properties are here cheaper than Mallorca
Because the inhabitants of Corfu are adorable and hospitable people.

How can I reach Corfu?
In the summer time, there are frequent flights from UK and Irish airports to Corfu. You can reach Corfu in a few hours.
During the winter half year, you can reach Corfu via Athens.
During the summer, you can reach Corfu by ferry from the Italian ports Ancona, Brindisi, Triest and Venice. Ferries run several times a day. The journey to Brindisi takes between 3 1/2 and 8 hours and it takes about 20 hours to reach Ancona and about 22 hours to reach Venice.

How is the weather on Corfu?  

Wetter auf Korfu
The blooming period is May, between June and September, there are hardly any precipitations, but you have frequently hefty winds.  In autumn, the weather is still warm enough to bathe in the sea.

In which time zone is Corfu?
Corfu is in the east European time zone, meaning that it is one hour later than in the UK.

What is the currency on Corfu?
Since the January the 1st. 2002, the local currency in Euro

What about prices?
Prices are slightly below the UK price level
Hotels, kerosene and public transport are notably cheaper but food stuff is more expensive.

What's the sports offer like?
Golf: Corfu has the greenest and the most well-groomed 18-hole golf-course of Greece. It is situated in Ropa valley, surrounded by high trees and small hamlets.
Mountain biking:  different mountain bike tours with varied degree of difficulty are offered.
Riding: some riding stables offer riding for beginners and experts.
Aquatic sport:  Conditions are ideal for sailing, sail boarding, diving and paragliding. Owner of a high seas sailing license can lease Yachts on a weekly basis. Also, Skippers are available on request.
Hiking: Corfu is a perfect hiking area because of its shaded walking paths, its green valleys and its small villages.
Tennis: most of the big hotels have tennis courts that are all opened to non-residents.

How is the health care on Corfu?
A good primary health care is assured. The public hospital is in the Corfu city. The doctors are well qualified. We recommend you to take out a health insurance that is valid abroad. 

II. Property on Corfu

How can I purchase property in Corfu?
To purchase any property on Corfu, you have to get yourself a local lawyer and a notary. They do a property check and the cover all legal requirements.
We are able to assist you in the choice of a lawyer.  Their fees can differ substantially. Buyers have to be registered for fiscal purposes and have to open an account on Corfu to complete the purchase.

What do I need to consider when building a new house?
You will need a plot with planning permission. Construction options depend on the location of the plot (e.g. within or outside a village).
For the construction of a building, a building permission is required. A resident architect of your choice will apply for the permission. We are able to assist you in the choice of an architect.

What do I need to consider when purchasing an old house?
The purchase of older houses can be cheaper for many reasons. One of the reasons is that building's taxes vary according to the location of the building: Within or outside a village, distance to the sea etc. Also, it is easier and faster to get permissions for modifications and extensions.
You should commission an architect, who will examine the structure of the available object and discuss possible clearing-up, extension or reconstruction activities with you.
We can arrange low-cost building evaluations.

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